Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Is it time to break up the United States?

Has the United States become so fractured that it is time to peaceably separate the United States into separate Nations, politically agreeable, and in unison on how to live?  For instance, a Nation that permits abortion, marijuana, homosexual marriage, but forbids gun ownership, free speech, and property ownership.  Another Nation that does not permit abortion, homosexual marriage, illicit drug use, and requires gun ownership, individual responsibility and property ownership as a requirement for voting.

I believe this is an interesting premise that is worth investigating.  Of course, dividing the United States has it's own issues.  For instance everyone wants the warm states, except California.   No one would want Illinois, Maryland, or Maine!  SO, there would have to be trade offs.  But I still think it could be done without blood shed!

The War of Northern Aggression, called the Civil War by those in the North, was an attempt to do just what I am saying.  But, it became an armed conflict.  I hope it does not come that, this time.

Those of us who inhabit the United States have become polarized, fractured, and entrenched in our views and beliefs.  Conservatives, who believe in and support the Constitution are in constant conflict with those who are in the Progressive camp.  The idea of redistributing wealth to take care of people who do not wish to take care of themselves is repulsive to many of us.  And since it is our money the Progressives want to redistribute, you can see where we might be upset!

Again, this is only offered as a point to discuss.  Sine what we are doing is not working, all possibilities must be on the table.  To exclude any idea is to court disaster.  I believe separating the separate United States into like thinking smaller Nations IS the only peaceful answer.  I also believe that forcing one groups beliefs on another group will only lead to armed conflict and disaster.

Again, this is my view.  

Monday, August 19, 2013

Your freedom is all you really have

Just one more thought about the last few posts.  When it comes down to what is really valuable in life, personal freedom.  Friends will forsake you.  Things like cars, homes, computers, will fail you when you need them, like people.   Money is fleeting, easy to loose, and hard to make.  But personal freedom is priceless, mandatory for a happy, healthy life, and must be guarded as ANY cost!

I would rather be dead than loose my personal freedoms.  That is my position.  My stake in the ground!  There, I pounded it into the ground and I will not move from that position.   My personal freedoms are where I draw the line on tyranny.  Now you know.

OK, maybe I will be more strident!

Yesterday I wrote about the political poll I saw that came to the conclusion that 29% of the Americans surveyed thought armed conflict would be required to return our Constitutional freedoms.  I wrote about the bravery and sacrifice of the Founders for signing the Declaration of Independence.

However, I am seeing more and more unAmerican activity by our government which was founded to be a government 'Of the People, by the People and for the People."  We have become a Progressive (Socialist) country that bases it's power on the redistribution of wealth and pandering to fringe minority groups like Gays, Greenies, Dopers, climate change Nazis.

Freedom and individualism is held in disdain.  Someone who is successful is considered a thief.  Couples who have worked, saved, and lived within their means in order to save for their retirement are considered selfish and privileged!   On the other hand, those who did not seek an education, did not obtain job skills, took drugs, broke the law, fathered children out of wedlock, had children out of wedlock, won't work, are considered "Victims" of society and must be provided for.

Additionally, those of us who are Christian,  are discriminated against.  Even though this Country was founded on religious freedom for CHRISTIANS!  Don't let anyone tell you America was founded on unlimited religious freedom.  Christians of denominations different than the State approved Churches in Europe were discriminated against and prosecuted.   They fled to the "New Country" to exercise their Christian Religious freedoms.  America was NEVER founded as a haven for man made "fantasy" religions like Islam, Mormonism, Buddhism, and other fantasies of some deranged man.

Now, we are lead by a closet Muslim.  A man raised as a Muslim by his father in Africa.  Educated in Muslim schools until a teenager,  and a follower of a pastor of Black Liberation Theology!   He will not even classify the massacre at Fort Hood by a Muslim terrorist as terrorism because it would look bad for the Muslim people.  He will not permit the term "War on Terrorism" and says there is no terrorism because the terrorists are Muslim.  No, we have a Muslim President!

So, let's call the kettle "black" from now on.  We have been taken over from within.  I do not believe elections will change that because those who have taken over control the ballot box!  Look into the reelection loss of Col. West in Florida!   I dare you to look at the facts in that election!  Or, look at the states that had districts with more votes for Obama than registered voters!!  Starting to see what I mean?  But don't believe me,  Do your own research.  Or not, and be a sheep lead quietly to slaughter.  

Another issue.  Why has Homeland Security bought all those military weapons, ammunition, bombs, armored personnel carriers and then lost them?!  

Another issue?  Why doesn't the news media look into things like this. f it were a Republican President, the airways and news print would bred with the demand for republican blood.  But, since it's a Progressive President, nothing!!

Look, I have written about my concerns before.  I then retrenched and tried to wait and see how this would work out.  Well, I did wait and things have gotten much worse and much more un-constitutional.  No, it's time to stand up and be counted!!  If I die, at least let me die a man of honor! Not a coward shaking under my bed.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

What's next?

I read the results of political poll that had results that stated that 29% of those polled, thought it would take armed action to return the United States to the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution.  I was shocked to see that!   Why, I just did not think 29% of Americans had that much passion about their freedoms!

It is a bold statement for someone to say they would take up arms against their government to restore the Constitution.  Most Americans, heck, most people, are complacent.  They go along to get along.  As long as the government does not take too much freedom, money, opportunities, away from them, they are OK.  So, 29% willing to take up arms speaks volumes as to how aggravated Americans really are!

Do I recommend this course of action?  No, I prefer the ballot box, peaceful demonstration, petitions, telephone calls and letters to Congressmen and Senators, and political action.  But, history teaches us that sometimes, action is required.  Look at the actions of those who signed the Declaration of Independence.  They were in the minority.  But they believed that the colonists were being unfairly treated and that England had taken too many freedoms away from them.  So, first they petitioned, then they demonstrated, then they took up arms.  Is that time much different than today?  I think not.

So, what do I recommend?  Let's try the petition, contacting congressmen, political action, course for now.  But remember the example set by those brave men who signed the Declaration of Independence.  They lost everything but gained freedom for generations!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

HUD planning on altering the racial make up of YOUR neighborhood!

Today, I read an article on "FedSmith.com" stating that the Federal Government plans on using HUD to alter the racial and economic make up of neighborhoods.  The article stated that neighborhoods that are predominantly white or wealthy, will have minorities and financially challenged families moved into those neighborhoods!  How will they do that, probably through government purchases of homes in your neighborhood and then placing families in those homes to modify the racial mix in a neighborhood.

My question is;  Is that the job of our federal government?  Is that even Constitutional?  And finally, is that what you want your federal government doing?  Racial discrimination in the sale of real estate is already illegal and it should be!  If someone can afford to live in my neighborhood, they are welcomed to.  But placing families in homes they cannot afford is the formula for big problems.

I would think we would be better served if the federal government would get out of the way of the people who make jobs.  If people can make a decent living, they will move up on their own!   America is the land of opportunity not the land of handouts!  Let's make opportunity increase and handouts decrease.  Then more Americans can enjoy the promise that is America.   Opportunity, hard work, and determination level the playing field, not government programs!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Just what is a racially motivated crime?

We spent the last year hearing about a "White" Hispanic man brutally killing a skinny, little Black boy who was innocently walking to his Father's home with candy and a soda.  Of course, he had his short pants on with his little tennis shoes that blink every time he took a step!  The photos shown were of a little boy, small boyish face, about 4 foot tall, with a innocent smile!  Every Black race baiter in the country, including the President jumped on the band wagon to trash whites, gun owners, conservatives, and the laws of the State of Florida.

Nothing could have been further from the truth.  Instead he was a pot smoking, six foot, well muscled, adult, who took Mixed Martial Arts training and had been expelled from High School.  He also posted on his social media page about shooting white people and had photos of hime with a gun!!   Luckily, the jury saw through the smoke screen.

Now, a White boy, 13 years old, has been beaten with in an inch of his life by three adult size Black boys on a School Bus.  They took turns pummeling and kicking this child like a WWA Tag Team event.  But has one so called Civil Rights leader said a word?  Has the President made a comment in defense of this defenseless boy.  Hell no!  He isn't Black.  ANd since the Race Baiters tell us "Blacks" cannot be racists, it can't be a racial hate crime.  I disagree.

The racial divider will not go away until Black are treated the same as Whites, Hispanics, and Orientals.  My Mom used to tell me;  "What's good for the goose is good for the gander!"  That definitely applies in this case.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Al Qaida is dead?

OK, I admit I have problems spelling the name of the most prolific enemy in America's history.  So what.  That being said, President Obama campaigned on the mantra thet Bin Laden is dead, Al Qaida is ready to die., General Motors is thriving!  Well, Bin Laden is dead, or so I am told.  I have not seen the body!  And the jury is still out on General Motors.  But the organization that Bin Laden started is thriving big time.  How do I know, we just shut all of our Middle East Embassies foe a week because of a threat heard on the back channels!!  If I tell someone I am going to kick their but, that person does not hide.  Why, I am old and the chances of me launching a big offense are slim.  But, a few whispers on the back channels and America folds her tent and shutters the windows!  Sounds like that organization is pretty stout to me!

So, I can then deduce that we were lied to during the campaign.  But that was nothing new.  But what do we do now that we reelected the Nations possibly first Muslim President?   Well, first of all we must recognize who and what the enemy is.  Contrary to what President Obama says, we ARE at war with Islam!   Second, our enemy operates in any country and we must go anywhere to destroy him.  Third, no weapon in our arsenal should be excluded!  Fourth, shrinking our Military will only ensure our defeat!

Those four things are the key to our survival as a free nation.  We cannot negotiate with them, they are not our friends, and they will not give up!